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Sharing and updating Excel spreadsheets across different devices

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Hi all,


I have an evernote basic account and I al looking to share and update an excel spreadsheet across 3 or 4 devices.


It is a customer enquiry spreadsheet with only a few basic columns in it such as



Contact details

Items enquired about


I would like this in excel format so I can use the data back in excel later on.


There are 3 of is in the building who would need access to this sheet.


I have signed into our account on 2 devices (laptop windows 7) and google nexus 5 and I can see the note with the excel sheet in it on both devices.


i can open the note on both devices 


I can edit the note on both devices - All good so far


ON LAPTOP I can edit, click 'save' and it saves the edits within evernote


ON NEXUS PHONE I can edit, click 'save' and I get asked to save to goodle drive or to device. Neither of which saves the changed within evernote.


When I open the note again on LAPTOP it has been updated and saved changes. When I open note on NEXUS PHONE it has not updated - I have synced prior to opening the note too but it has not updated.


Any help appreciated.


Is what I am trying to do even possible within evernote? - I'm hoping so.


in advance


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Evernote does not support in-app editing of attachments on smartphones.

IOW, it is not possible to open the Excel file attached to an EN Note, edit, and then have the changes saved back to the same Note.

You can do this on the EN desktop apps (EN Win and EN Mac), but not on the smartphone apps.


You might try using Dropbox or MS OneDrive, with Excel installed on all of your devices.

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