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How to copy attachments from Outlook to Evernote in one step?


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I am currently using Windows 7 32-bit Professional Edition (Japanese). 

I organize multiple versions of documents and files I receive from my colleagues at work using Evernote.

I can copy any file and paste it on Evernote if I receive the files on flash drives, but when I receive the files by mail (using Outlook 2010), I have to first paste the files on my desktop or any other folder on my computer, THEN copy the copied files on the computer and then paste in Evernote for it to work.

This is pretty annoying because I receive a lot of stuff via email, and there is also the procedure of deleting the files I have copied to my computer.


Is there any settings I can tweak so that direct copy&pasting is possible?

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You could setup EN Import folder and drag/drop the attachment from the email into that folder (or use the OL Save Attachments to save all of them to the EN Import folder).  This folder can be configured (in EN) to delete the file once it is imported into Evernote.

For more info, see Creating auto-import folders in Evernote for Windows.

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The above setup will make all the files appear as an individual note, right?

What I want is the ability to manually organize my files in a note (that has also a lot of note taking in text, other than just attachments) fast. Is it possible to do so?

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Yes, that is correct.


The only other idea I have is to CUT rather than COPY the file in your temp folder, then paste into EN.

At least this way you don't have any cleanup required.


One other thought, there may be some KB macro tool, like PhaseExpress, that could automate this for you.

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One more thought, not perfect, but maybe the best you can do until/IF Evernote makes a change:

  1. Setup windows for OL, Open Transfer folder, and EN so they are all visible at once.
  2. The Open Transfer folder can be real small, just big enough to see one file.
  3. Drag attachment from OL to Transfer folder
  4. Hold down SHIFT, and drag file from Transfer folder to EN
    (If that doesn't work, you can use CUT/PASTE)

Normally the SHIFT-drag causes a move.

Hopefully this will delete the file in the Transfer folder when you drag it to EN


If this works, it's only one small extra step.

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