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(Archived) erratic behavior with rich text



i'm using v1.6.1, and there are so many strange things that happen, when working with rich text, that i'm not sure i can remember them all.

in a nutshell: changing the size of text within a note produces unpredictable (and inconsistent) results.

• often, after changing the size of text, then saving, the text reverts to the original size. this seems to be related to the "preset" sizes in evernote. if you select a size that's not one of the presets (via keyboard shortcut, for example), although the text changes with your commands, it's as if evernote can only save text at it's preset sizes. so, the text reverts to the unchanged size. weird.

• often, upon changing the size of text that contains formatted text (bold, italics, underline), all text will change to bold, as well as changing size. or all text will be underlined, as well as changing size.

• often, upon changing the size of text, the spacing of the text will change in an unpredicted way. that is, the space between lines of text will go from normal to something akin to a space and a half. sometimes by going a size or two further than i want, then by going back to the desired size, the spacing is corrected. but often it is not. in the case of the latter, the workaround is to copy the text, paste it into textedit, convert it into plain text, then paste it back into evernote. (this, of course, removes all formatting that might have been on the original text.)

• evernote seems to generally dislike mixing sizes of text within one note. if you make a section larger, that works better than making a section smaller. often, when making a section smaller (than the other text in the note), the text gets smaller, but the text spacing among those lines stays the same as it was for the larger text. so, you end up with an abnormal amount of space between the lines of the newly smaller text.

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