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Feature Request: Batch Change Geolocation Data



Right now it is not possible (as far as I can tell) to batch edit location data. Atlas is an awesome feature, but I have loads of old notes with no information, or incorrect information. I could knock out hundreds of these at a time if I could batch change their location information. Please, please consider adding this.

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This might be something you could do with AppleScript without too much trouble.


In my experience, nothing can be done in AppleScript without a fair amount of trouble! But, in all seriousness, that's not a terrible idea. I'll google around and see if I can find an easy way to change metadata on a batch selection.

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You can use this to get started:

tell application "Evernote"	set selNotes to selection	set nNumNotes to (count selNotes)			set sAns to display dialog ((nNumNotes as string) & " to be processed") giving up after 3		-- THE BELOW IF TEST IS LIKELY NOT NECESSARY	--	IF the User clicks "Cancel", it will cancel the script		if sAns is false then		display alert "User Canceled Script"		error number -128 -- EXIT this script	end if			-- You can obviously set these in code, or get input from user --		-- Long/Lat in Decimal Degrees --	set numLong to -95.425 -- Note negative number indicates West	set numLat to 30.127		repeat with iNote from 1 to nNumNotes				set oNote to item iNote of selNotes				set longitude of oNote to numLong		set latitude of oNote to numLat					end repeat		beep	display dialog (nNumNotes as string) & " Notes Location Updated" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 giving up after 3end tell
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Cool. We must have been working at the same time. Here's what I came up with, based on the fact that I was copying geo coordinates out of Google Maps in the format "latitude,longitude".

# Ask for location informationdisplay dialog "Enter coordinates" default answer ""set theText to text returned of resultset AppleScript's text item delimiters to {","}set theLat to text item 1 of theTextset theLong to text item 2 of theText# Apply that location informationtell application "Evernote"	set selectedNotes to (get selection)	repeat with theNote in selectedNotes		set theNote's latitude to theLat		set theNote's longitude to theLong	end repeatend tell
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