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(Archived) header-field of a mail should be used as creation date in EN

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hi all,

if sending an email to the special EN-mailadress, the header-date from this mail should be taken for the note-creation-date.

i'm not sure, if this is done yet, but it seems not, because i often redirect/bounce older mails from my accounts to preserve the senders address and the sending time of the mail.

but only the sender is kept in the created mail. the date is the date, when the mail arrived to the EN-mailserver, which is not the date, when the message arrived and MY mailserver. this confuses me ;-)

for more info abount "bouncing" read here.

is this already possible with EN? if yes, how? if no, will this be a feature, you're looking into?


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When emails are imported to Evernote, the "Sent" date should definitely be transfered to the note Created Date, and the "From" sender to the note Author. That's the correct data for the note, and without it, it's pretty much useless to use EN to archive emails.

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