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Web clipper article boundaries



Hi--I really like Evernote and use it more than anything else now.


Something I would love to see is the ability to more precisely set the boundaries for clipping an article. I'm using the web-clipper add in to Chrome.  Often, "simplified article" leaves too much out, while "article" grabs too much, or cannot find reasonable boundaries.  A very common issue I have--using simplified usually cuts out the date and author on many sites.  So I have to clip "article" in those cases but get more than I want.  The +/- control simply does not do the job well enough.


What I would like is the ability to click, maybe a keyboard key & click or something like that to differentiate left, right, top, bottom, then click in 1 to 4 places to tell the clipper the boundaries to use.


Great product.


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