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Adding new tag in Evernote app for Mac





I have question - maybe I do something wrong but maybe this is bug (or feature ?)..

Imagine I have tag which consist of more words for example "2015-06 Project Name".

When I would like to add this tag in my new note on Mac application Evernote I need

to start typing with "2015" elsewhere Evernote doesn't offer me this multi word's tag.


When I start typing with "06" or "Proj" or "Name" in the field for adding tags,

Evernote doesn't offer me the tag "2015-06 Project Name" - so I need alway

start typing exactly as the tag begins.


In web version of Evernote I can start typing with "Proj" and Evernote offers

me also the tag "2015-06 Project Name". So it works as I expect. But not 

in application for Mac. 


Any ideas?


Thanks and sorry for my English ☺ I hope you got my point. 




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Multiword Tag (and Notebook) names can sometimes be a challenge to deal with, so I avoid using them.

Instead, I use periods (".") as word separators so that Evernote sees the tag as just ONE word.


For example:


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Ok, but this doesn't solve my problem - when I start typing "Project" the Evernote doesn't offer me the tag "2015-06.Project.Name"

Reason why I use multiword tag is only project names which cannot be always described only by one word ... sometimes yes,

not llways.  

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The Tag assignment box does auto-fill ONLY for the start of the Tag.

The "2015-06" part of the tag looks like a date to me.  You could remove it from the main "Project.Main" tag and create a new Tag just for "2015-06".

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