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Something has changed ?


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Running Evernote and Window 7,  until recently when I was reviewing emails ( Outlook) I could highlight a number of emails and send them ( right click ) directly to Evernote, then they would go nicely into any folder that I wished.  It was quick and easy


Now, I must select each email separately ?  It has made it much less user friendly .....  anyone have an idea of what has happened ?



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Apparently this was a conscious change made in EN Win 5.8.8.

Evernote has acknowledged the issue, and plans to reverse the change (see below).


Post by Evernote employee agrady:


Please tell me a solution for batch clipping within the Outlook add-on is being addressed ASAP!  This one function gave me a TON of peace knowing I could file away emails and tag them and place in notebooks.  It would take me most of my day to do this one email at a time.  Though the clipper was moody, it is a great deal more efficient then one at a time.  HELPThis


Hi TBennett,


This change was by design, and our developers have stated that they're working on bringing it back. I apologize for any inconvenience.





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