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Add paging functionality in desktop app



I'd like to be able to page through the collecion of full images. Currently, from the full size image view I do the following to see another image: click grid icon in header > click on a thumbnail in grid view > full size image view.



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I'll second this and expand on  the general lack of usability in sorting through or finding your old skitches. I now have 5000+ images, and the scrollbar moves so quickly that I can't really find things anymore. I'd love to see a faceted search system at the top. For example, I'd like to find images with the word "red" but only in the last 30 days (no narrow it down).

Even just setting the default search view to include items from the last 60 days would be excellent! I think now that skitch has been around a long time, the team really needs to put some time into how (premium!) users can manage their large collections.

Thanks very much!

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