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REQUEST: Implement Contacts into notes

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In my opinion it would be really useful, if you could implement a contact into a note. Thus you could just click on this contact for example to immediately make a phone call, email this contact or visit his FB site or whatever.

I would love this function in Evernote!

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Until/IF Evernote provides contact management features, you could create a Note to use as a "template" for contacts.

  • I have used MS Word to create a form using a table, then copy/paste this table into an EN Note "template".
  • Use the "Copy Note to Notebook" feature to create a "contact" Note from the "template"
  • Assign tags to identify the Note as a "Contact", and to identify the person/company

To be clear, Evernote does not have something called a "template".  That is a label I use to simply identify a Note to be used like a template.  I put all of my "template" Notes in a Notebook named "Templates".

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