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Need help with linking accounts.

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I just found out that my organization has a business evernote subscription. I activted the invitaiton link and then signed up - but in my hastiness, overlooked on the business sign up page that I could sign in with my person account and have the two accounts linked.  Now, I have two separte accounts (personal and business) and I woudl like to ask if there is anyway to join the two accounts now.  I thought about deactivating the business one and starting again - but even if I do that, it still remembers your email address and passworrd when you reactivate it.  I am so annoyed at overlooking this step (act in haste, repend in lesiure) - please let me know if there is anyway for this issue to be remedied. Thanks.

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Hi.  The easiest way to resolve this is probably to share notebooks between your personal and business accounts,  one or both ways.  If you allow your 'business' self full editing rights on at least one personal notebook,  and vice-versa from the business account,  you could consider downgrading your personal account to Plus or Free for as long as you have access to the business service.  In general it's probably not a good idea to have all your personal notes stored on a work computer anyway - depends who your IT is managed by,  and whether or not you own the business.


If you disagree,  another option would be to export all your notes from the existing personal account to ENEX files.  Read the options carefully when you export,  and if you use tags,  opt for them to be exported too.  Export one notebook at a time into separate files,  and restore them (obviously) the same way into your new business account.  Again read the import options carefully - you'll get your notes back in a local notebook,  and you'll have to rebuild whatever personal notebook structure you had.  Be aware that exporting and re-importing notes will (probably) kill any inter-note links you may have created.  The note UIDs will change in their new home notebook.


Full disclosure - I don't know how you'd simply replace the new business-related personal account with your existing one - that's been raised before,  and as far as I'm aware the answer was 'not possible'.  If anyone knows differently it'll be interesting to hear...



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