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Right-click options have disappeared, except for Clearly


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Until recently, I had a range of Clipper choices in my right-click (Cmd-click) context menu: Clip Selection, Clip Page, etc. Now they've all vanished. Only Clearly is left, and when I choose that after selecting a range of text on the page, the entire page is still converted to Clearly view, and then I have to click again in Clearly to save the page.


The only way I can clip a selection now is to copy it to the Clipboard, then paste it into the top-menu "Elephant" drop down box, where I usually lose formatting like paragraph separations.


Any way to get the original functionality back?



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Got it. I was looking at the Evernote icon at the top of the screen (which functions at the OS level) instead of the smaller one in the Firefox window. My password had expired and I had to log in again.



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