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(Archived) Overwriting Imports.

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Hello all,

I recently just bought a tablet PC for class and have been hand taking notes and homework in Microsoft One Note. I was hoping to use evernote as sort of a file backup system/web database for this school information. Having copies of all my notes and being able to access them from anywhere seemed like a swell Idea. Until I tried it.

I can import just fine, and it imports all then notebooks separately, which is great. However, I wanted to upload every few days, so when I went to upload the second time, it uploaded EVERYTHING. Not just the new pages to my notes. It re uploaded stuff I already had and made a whole mess of new notebooks (in evernote, not One Note). All I want is to be able to continuously overwrite the old stuff and have the new pages upload.

Any help would be appreciated (I did a search but to no avail)

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Unfortunately, our OneNote importer is designed for more of a one-time import to convert to Evernote. We haven't really built it for an ongoing management between OneNote and Evernote. You could consider copying and pasting from OneNote for individual notes, or export to HTML from OneNote and then drag that into Evernote.

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