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Web clipper not clipping Gmail



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Gmail clipping works fine in our testing. 

You may want to check your inbox configuration and try the different options and see if they work. It's hard to diagnose without know the plethora of settings you have on your account. 

You must have one selected email that displays in the Gmail UI for the Clipper to find it. 

Other culprits may be if you have Google Labs features enabled which may or may not work.


If you can describe what happens when you start the Clipper I can possibly come up with more detailed instructions. 

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This is an old thread, but maybe this will help others who search and find it.  I was having the same problem, but was using the "Vertical Split" layout in gmail (small setting dropdown in upper right) - when I switched to "No Split", which displays the selected email in the full window, then the clipper will work and clips the entire email nicely.

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