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NE opens but no notebooks or notes will open



I have Evernote ? on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)


The menu shows, but no menu entry for open a notebook, new notebook, new note or open existing note. There is an about Evernote in the File menu but it doesn't come up either. I downloaded the version that was latest about a week ago to fix this problem but that didn't help. 


All the parent menus are there but all the options appear to be grayed out. 

I checked all my desktops and they are not hidden that I can find. 

Does anyone have a process to leave the notes but remove all the prefs and start over? 


I do not know the latest time I synched so I don't want to rely on the cloud for my notes unless absolutely necessary. 

One more thing if I try and access new note or anything from keyboard shortcuts, the machine beeps like it is an invalid action. 

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For this type of problem, often a simple reinstall of the app usually will fix the problem.

This should not affect any of your Notes or other data.

But if you have any Local Notebooks, you might want to export them to ENEX files just to be safe.


To reinstall the app, see Evernote KB Article: How do I uninstall and reinstall Evernote [App]?

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