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Deleted Note Still Trying to Sync?

Cody S.


About 5 months ago I tried web clipping some website pages to send to some colleagues for editing purposes; however the clipped pages were apparently too complicated for Evernote to handle and caused a 'sync' error to pop up telling me something went wrong and it couldn't sync the notes.  No biggie - I deleted the notes and found another way to capture that data.


The problem I'm having is that I've been getting that error ever since. Any time I start the OSX App or click 'sync' I get an error (attached) telling me the note can't sync because of an unexpected error - but there's no note anywhere to delete to make this error go away.  After five months of this error I'm pretty worn out.  I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. No dice.  I've searched and searched for the note both in the app and online - no dice. 


Any advice?  It's pretty annoying....




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