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(Archived) Evernote phone security

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I wonder if it would be good to have an option for notes, perhaps tied to tags and/or folders or alternately just a separate, per-note property, that would require one to enter one's Evernote password to view user-defined confidential notes if using Evernote from a commonly lost or insecure device, such as a phone.

I don't care if someone picks up my phone (borrowing it, after I forgot it somewhere, etc.) and looks at my grocery list, but I wouldn't want them to be able to search and view just anything there.

Or there could be a timeout on this, so that in order to view a confidential note on a phone, one would needed to have entered the password in the last n minutes.

This would also ideally be a per device option--my desktop computer will have physical security, as most often will my notebook, and then each has a login password to access the hardware and/or Windows. But my phone doesn't.

One might just require the Evernote account password every time one uses Evernote on the phone, but that's a bit clumsy, and may encourage people to set up too-short passwords so as to be easy on a phone. (May still be a better solution, though--especially if combined with a timeout for the account password.)

My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I did a quick search and didn't find it).

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There may be an app for your phone that allows you to password protect various apps. I have a jail broken iPhone & use Lockdown to password protect certain programs. It's a different password from the "main" phone password, so that I can hand someone my phone to make a call or look at photos or use the internet. If it times out (it's normally set for 1 minute), I can give them the phone unlock password. But they can't get into the Amazon app (don't want someone buying something for themselves on my dime!) or LogMeInIgnition (where they could control my home PC), etc.

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