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Unable to Edit Text That Has Been Copy/Pasted



Suddenly, text I copy/paste from a webpage into an Evernote note won't edit. Actually, I can add text, but can't delete any. If I enter a new sentence, for example, I can't delete any of it. Nor can I delete anything that was in the original copy/paste. Also, the Delete key behaves as a right arrow. Furthermore, if I change the font of a single word, I can edit or delete that word. But, if I change the font of the entire paste, I can't edit. If I copy/paste into MS word, editing works fine.


Just upgraded to 6.0.13 on Mac running OS 10.10.13 

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If you make a selection of text PRIOR to applying the "Simply Formatting" option, it should apply ONLY to that selection.


IME, sometimes this works, and sometimes it does not. (limit to the selection).

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