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App crashing on Android M



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Same here on Nexus 5 runnung Android M Preview. What I was able to see is: there are "2" crashes. First crash, after clicking the icon on the Launcher (Short message "Evernite has ended (in German)). After I confirming this dialog with [OK], the screen gets green, and for a second I can see the Login-Screen. Than it crashes a second time. Attached, You'll find screenshots documenting above described behavior.



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Same here, Android M developer preview on the Nexus 5, the app crashes just after clicking to its icon, the Activity doesn't even open (just a white flash that quickly dissapears).


Also, very weird that from the mobile web you have to click on "create account" to actually being able to log in...

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I took a look into the logcat: there is often an error like:

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: No field value in class Ljava/lang/String;and2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - getValue()    2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - 	caller asked to wait ...    2015-06-03 11:23:44,223 DEBUG [e] - 	waited 0ms    2015-06-03 11:23:44,224 DEBUG [e] - 	failed to get value    2015-06-03 11:23:44,224 DEBUG [j] - server value is null for testId:use_cases_fle_v642 use default:control

Attached is a export of the Log.


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