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HELP please! - logged out cant connect back in on MAC - says no internet connection and/ or password not correct

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Hello all


I dont know whats going on going crazy... I had evernote open on mac all working. started clipping articles with the chrome add on. These would not appear on my Evernote on Mac for some reason even though I tried to sync many times. They appeared on Evernote on Iphone. 


I thought maybe i would log out and back in. 


So i log out and then i enter my password - it then tries to connect to server but it looks like nothing happens.  and then i just get a pop saying "Please check your Internet connection or try again later." but I am connected! Also I can see a small message below the password box that says Incorrect password - which is not the case since i can log online using my password.


I have saved a screen capture to show - please HELP i am going crazy! cant do any work :(post-258628-0-48076100-1432582758_thumb.

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There's nothing in what you describe that should prevent Evernote from connecting - I'd suggest you power everything down and off (if you haven't already done so) and log into everything from scratch.  If you still have problems,  get into your account via the web interface to check that you have your correct current email address on your My Account page (in case you need to change the password or go through the 'lost password' process).  Have another go at connecting - hopefully it was just some temporary glitch preventing your connection.

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