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I hate to be a whiner, but why must I re-install EN every 6 months?  It becomes tiresome compared to my other apps.  Or is this the way it's gonna be?

Is there a pref that can be tossed to fix it's wagon?

All my notes are gone.  They appear for a split second, then poof.  My Android still has them.  Syncing from the Android yields no better results.



EN 6.06



Android 5.02 Lolli

EN 7.041



updated to 6.0.11.  No diff

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I don't think you are a "whiner".   ;)
I have never know another app that continually requires many of its users to reinstall the app immediately after an update, or to fix common problems.
Yes, there have been RARE cases where the solution is a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app.  But the operative word here is "rare".
Yet, for some reason, Evernote apps across all platforms seem to very often require a reinstall.
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