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Changed Note Title and Lost Picture

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Hi there, my name is Peter and this is my first time posting.


 I took a couple of important pictures (one pic in two different notes).  I changed the title of the first note from snapshot to the date and event.  The result was that I "lost" the picture.  I did not delete the pic.  I cannot find out how to recover the pic now that it is lost.  I changed the title of a 2nd note and the same thing happened.  Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this issue.  


Finally, I am now getting an error message when I click on these two notes sometimes as follows: "Note.content BAD_DATA_FORMAT" (obviouisly quotations are just to separate the error message from the rest of the text).


Many thanks for the anticipated help.


PS I have a Samsung Note3 (ANdroid) where I took the pics and I also use a Lenovo desktop with Windows8.  The loss of pics occured while changing titles on the lenovo desktop.

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Hi.  I don't understand how changing the title of a note would cause a picture to be corrupted or lost.  If you searched for the picture by title,  and then changed the title,  it would naturally drop out of the displayed list.  If you changed the name of the file attached to the note - from <something>.jpg to a date and time - that would prevent Evernote realising that the snapshot was actually a picture.  If you have a problem like that in future you should immediately stop Evernote on the device you're using from syncing with the main server so you can look at the 'other' copies of the note on other devices.  You could check on your notes via EN Web by logging in here in a desktop browser - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action


If you had synced the pictures for a day or so,  you might be able to recover the previous version of your notes by looking at the note history - but that's a premium only feature.

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