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Shared Notebook Required Sign In for non-account holder

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I am using the basic level of service (Evernote).  I created a notebook and then invited someone to share it.  I sent them an email and a "public link" (anyone with the link can view).  When they open their email, they are being asked to sign in!  They don't have an Evernote account (and don't want one).  Why is he not seeing the public link?  I set the permission to "view".  


I tried sharing before, giving the recipient editing permissions and they were asked to sign in too.  So I resent it thinking that if I were only giving him "view" permission he would not have to sign in or create an account.  But instead, the same thing is happening. 


Can someone please help?  I need the answer as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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I too have this question AND some. I'm a free plan evernote user. I love how easy it is to clip things from the web e.g. articles and save them as simple articles. My frustration is when I want to email an article to someone or send it to my kindle.


When someone gets an email they are forced to sign in to evernote. I wish they could just be able to receive a pdf version of the article and save it to their computer if they choose.


Not to change the gears from the first questions but they seem to be the same problem. Evernote seems too closed.

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