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Sending via email

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I have been trying to send an email from my gmail account to evernote which has a pdf attachment. Every time I do this I get an email back from evernote that it has failed pasted below what it says


The emailed note was received, but an internal error occured while processing it. Please try sending the note again later.


I was able to send an identical email last year without a problem.


Have the rules changed on what you can send since the changes in the account structure.


Having tryed 7 times over the last few days I am at a comlete loss.


Can anyone shed any light on what may be the problem.


Thank You in advance.



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1) Ensure that you are sending to the correct evernote email address. (the elka1239qwesjo@m.evernote.com address found in your Evernote account info). 

2) There's been a change to the subscription tiers so that now free users cannot email into their Evernote accounts (they have 5 trial emails). This is a very recent change and won't officially take effect until june 1, so  I suspect something has just gone awry technically. and I am a premium subscriber so I have not seen reports of, nor personally experienced, what happens when you run out of your 5 trial emails, though I doubt you'd see such a cryptic error if it was a matter of running out of trial emails.

3) what is the file size of the PDF?

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