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Evernote not responding

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thank you, i've read the uninstall faq link you provided but before i uninstall and reinstall from the apple store i have a few questions. where does the database for evernote reside? i first downloaded to my desktop ( this is the bad app trying to fix ) and also downloaded to my laptop. i've been adding new info via laptop. can i simply drag to trash broken desktop app without losing anything?

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If you have a complete copy of your database on the laptop,  removing files from the desktop cannot harm your content.  It's possible that a corrupted note or database is part of your problem anyway,  so a 'clean' reinstall might be a good thing.  If anything does happen to the data files however,  you can restore the database from the server once Evernote is up and running properly.  The only considerations are that if you have:  

  • any local (unsynced) notebooks in your account,  or any unsynced notes. Both would be stored on the desktop only,  so might be affected if you go ahead.
  • a large number of notes,  it can take a little time to download the whole database,  though Evernote have speeded things up. 


Here's a thread about the data location - without access to the app itself,  the only way to back up (AFAIK) is to copy these files elsewhere...  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67849-mac-data-location/

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