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Shareing & Syncing

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I have a note on my personal evernote account that i need to share with a company evernote account.

I found how to do it in the work chat, however i need to be able to see the changes that the company people make.

I would prefer to stay away from doing premium or business account for both, is there any way to accomplish this without paying for 2 users?

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Hi.  I'm not sure what the problem is here.  If you have an account,  and the company has an account,  you can share notebooks or notes from one to the other.  There's no need for a different or an additional account.  You will have a problem with seeing 'the changes that the company people make" - you can see the changed document,  and in work chat you can have a discussion about ongoing changes;  but there are no document management tools such as there are in Word.  You could share a note containing a Word file,  and set that to record changes,  which would give you a history of who changed what,  and when.  There's a danger though when sharing with too many people - it's necessary to sync both before and after any changes,  to make sure you;re using the latest version of a note.  Otherwise your changes to document v2.1 might get overwritten by someone else's changes to document v1.5 because they made their edits on an old copy.

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So basically what your saying is there isn't a solid way to share a note and track the changes. This not is a list of things i need done and they are to check the boxes as they are completed. fairly basic but i cant get it to work with chat, and maybe it won't just figured i would ask someone who would know better than me.

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