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Text & Formatting Disappearing on Shared Note

Chris Hollins

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I'm Running Windows 8.1 64bit latest Windows Evernote client.

My colleague is running Windows 8.1 pro 64bit latest Windows Evernote client


 1 x Iphone 4 


I have a shared Notebook and a Shared note in that notebook. Its basically a to do list.


We have a list of jobs with tick boxes in front of them. When i log in in the morning the tick boxes have disappeared and sometimes some of the text has disappeared too. 


Is there any reason for this happening? It defeats the object of having a shared note. 

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Hi.  Editing notes in different mobile and desktop devices in different OS's is always going to have some risks,  and Evernote's editor is not exactly great in the first place.  A lot of experienced users have other 'to do' apps for simple lists - they're often easier to access than in Evernote,  have built in checkbox and archiving features,  and in some cases can save detail into Evernote.  A net search for specific OS's will turn up several options...

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