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I am considering starting to use Evernote but under no conditions do I want advertising. Is there is a paid service which would not have distracting ads?



Does Evernote Serve Ads?

Our business model is to make the Service so valuable that our users will want to subscribe for a Paid Service. However, we may display advertisements and promotions on or in connection with the Service, some of which may be paid for by third parties."


 Sooooo, am trying to find out if I should give it a try. If there is a clause in the terms of service or privacy which states my information may be used for the purposes of x, y, and z, but not limited to x, y, or z - that is a deal killer as well.


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The free tier does display non-targeted ads. Neither of the two paid tiers have ads (or rather, you can disable ads)

Details on the difference between pricing tiers:



Evernote is pretty clear that they don't want to use your data to serve you ads or to increase their revenues. You might want to start with "Evernote's 3 Laws of Data Protection":


and move from there to the rest of their privacy policy. 

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