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Wrist protection feature hopelessly inadequate


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It doesn't matter what I do, I can't get the wrist protection feature to work properly. It leaves squiggles and marks all over the page. I've tried all wrist positions, and 3 different stylus. I'm not using the Jot Script or Touch or anything electronic, just a normal stylus (truglide).

Has anyone managed to get the wrist protection feature to work?

I'd be willing to accept a couple of dots here or there on a page, but at the moment I can't even finish a word without the marking jumping all over the page.

The app is completely unusable for me.

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I have had the same experience; no matter which wrist protection I choose I get garbage all over my screen. I now use the zoom feature, and, while the scrolling is a bit too fast for me if I'm not careful, just moving the zoom window manually isn't too bad and it actually makes my handwriting look better. Since it's at the bottom of the page, no extraneous marks!

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