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Image Disappeared


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Hi.  This is that whole 'it's a limit not a target' thing again - if you're uploading in some volume you need to keep an eye on how much of your quota has been used,  otherwise bad things happen when you hit the max.  I'd suggest you check with EN web by logging in here in a desktop browser - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action


Is your note there?  If not,  it didn't sync with the server,  so Evernote have never had your images,  and so can't help recover the content.  The images may have been lost when the note was attempting to sync,  but they will have been in temporary storage on your device and are presumably no longer available.  It's certainly worth checking the note again - but before you do so,  create a local notebook on your computer - File > New Notebook > New Local Notebook and move the note to it.


If the images are still missing I'm afraid they're unrecoverable from within Evernote - unless someone else has any bright ideas...

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