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After modification of a note no more photo OCR


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1. New note - input a photo with text - sync. All things as usual: find the text in the photo

2. Than added some text in the same note (photo untouched) - sync again - no more search results for the same graphic text.

3. Missing search results only in Desktop - Webfrontend evernote.com still finds the note.


I gave time to the syncs, some minutes, some hours, multiple syncs.


Two of my colleques have the same error/bug.


Windows-Desktop (275519)

2 Premium user, 1 Basic user

2 Windows 7, 1 Windows 8.1


Any idea?

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OK seems to me there are three possibilities - 

  • Rename database folder and re-download content from the web (subject to usual comments about exporting local notebooks,  unsynced notes,  and keeping backup copy....)
  • Use Ctrl+Help option to rebuild index (also with strong suggestion of backups and exports first)
  • Uninstall/ reinstall app only

-In all cases report a bug via the support page,  since this is clearly not expected behaviour!

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