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Specific question about reading notes

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Currently I have the free version of Evernote for Android and I would like to start using Evernote as a journal.


I know that I can create a journal notebook and create note/journal entries as I please.


Let's say I have several hundred notes and I want to go back a couple months start reading a week/month worth of consecutive notes/journal entries like a book/notebook or ebook by just flipping from note to note.


Is there a way to flip from note to note without going back to the notebook and clicking on the next entry?


ALSO is there a way to password protect individual notebooks like a journal?






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Is there a way to flip from note to note without going back to the notebook and clicking on the next entry?


Tablets allow for a split screen of the note list/ note panel... but I assume you're on Android smartphone... 


The best option for Premium users on smartphone to flip from one note to another without closing each note and going back to the note list would be to enter presentation mode. At the end of every note, one simply flips to the next note by continuing to scroll down by pulling the note up.


The best option for Basic and Plus users on smartphone would be the following:

  1. One day at a time, copy your current day's note link and paste it at the footer of the previous day
  2. When it comes time to flip through your notes months down the line, all you would do is scroll to the end of a note and tap on the note link to go to the next day's note. This mimics the presentation mode dynamic mentioned.

Creating a Table of Contents note for each month's worth of notes (on desktop) would be kind of redundant... because even though you could follow each link in the TOC note one at a time and then hit the back arrow on your Android, it's pretty much the same as closing a note and going to the next note in the note list.


One thing to keep in mind. You're just starting out right now - but if you envision yourself possibly making a move to Premium a year down the line, your effort in creating note links at the end of each day's entry would become obsolete with the presentation mode option. It all depends on how soon you may want to revise your notes and whether Premium could be something you could grow into in the near future. It also depends on whether you're going to be using your Android smartphone to read through successive entries months down the line. You might be more comfortable on/ have acquired a new device. 


Here's a comparison chart of Basic, Plus and Premium features: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452

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