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Search scanned PDF not finding text at end of string

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I scanned in a grocery receipt using ScanSnap (but this doesn't really matter) and loaded it into Evernote basic. When I enter four numbers found at the end of credit card string it can not find those numbers in any document. If I use the entire string from the beginning of the line it can find the text/number string in the document.



Entering just 1006 finds no receipts, but entering Acct:XXXXXXXXXXX1006 does find the receipt.


When I open the same PDF in Adobe Reader and try searching for the same four digits, 1006, Adobe Reader finds it.


When clicking on the PDF in Evernote I can select the entire string or part of it and copy it into a text document. What was selected copies accurately.


Why this discrepancy? Isn't Evernote using the same find engine as Adobe PDF?


This find feature is very important to me. The main reason I would use this software is for storing receipts for retrieval based on the find feature.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, it's not much use if the main search engine can't find numbers at the end of strings only the entire string. That is a severe limitation. I am better off just keeping them in a folder in the Finder and doing a search using Apple Find. Apple Find does query the data that is stored in the Adobe PDF file.

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