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First, a question I should have asked to start, are you trying to do this on the desktop version or on the web version?  If the web, Shift-Ctrl-F5 won't work.


If the desktop, to make sure we are on the same page:

  1. Over simplifying a bit, there are three prime views - List, Snippet, and Card (Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-F6, and Ctrl-F7 respectively). 
  2. Snippet and Card view display three columns where the middle is the list (multiple lines per note) and the right is the note. 
  3. List has two columns with the second column being a one line per note list over note selected. 
  4. When you hit Shift-Ctrl-F5 you will get a three column view with a one line per note list in the middle column.

If you aren't getting this after a Shift-Ctrl-F5, I would recommend closing EN by File - Exit and then restarting.  I have had instances where control keys get "hosed" for some reason and a restart of EN solves the problem.

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