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How to stop auto log-in (Basic 5.8.5., Win8)


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If i log out from Evernote or even start it for the 1st time after I turn on my computer it is always logged-in, i.e. I dont have to enter login name or password to start Evernote. So anybody at my computer can see all my notes! I have not found any option to turn this off and it is driving me crazy! It makes the app unusable. Is there ANY solution??? Thanks!!!

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Hi.  Evernote information stored on your (or anyone else's) desktop is vulnerable.  Even if you log out of the app itself,  the database will still contain text which could be readable - and someomne with tech knowledge could use other tools to open the database and view all the material.  Evernote itself doesn't contain any specific security for the local device because there are lots of external protections available in addition to the standard tools built into every OS.

Most devices using most OS's are lockable - a Google search will find options for your specific OS.  These are the instructions for Windows 8 forinstance - 
That locks the desktop,  although other users of that machine may still have access to files stored on it,  and work IT departments would have no trouble at all.
A deeper level of protection would be provided if the Evernote database is stored in an encrypted partition - that requires specific software and some expertise to set up.
The usual suggestion regarding Evernote use in the workplace is either to use the web version only,  or to have a second free account so that notes can be shared from one account to another.  Personal information should not be kept on a work machine (unless you're the IT manager...)
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