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Duplicates and auto-created notebooks/stack

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I've encountered two problems within the last week to two weeks.  First of all, when I email something to my Evernote account, it's duplicated (same note, same time, etc.).  Also, some of the notes are being sent to a notebook/stack I did not create.  The stack contains two Notebooks:  Evernote and Evernote 1.  My default is supposed to be -Inbox.


Has anyone else been having problems?  I don't know what I may have done to make Evernote start acting "funky;" however, if anyone has suggestions on how to fix it, let me know.


BTW, I primarily use Evernote for Windows (Windows 8.1) and am a Premium user.





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Hi.  I'm also a Premium / 8.1 user,  though I don't email much into my account.  There have been comments about duplicate notes being created for emailed in content,  but Evernote doesn't create notebooks (except for Trash and Conflicting Edits) or Stacks (ever) unless you chose (or maybe mouse-slipped) an instruction to drop one notebook onto another...


Suggestion would be:


Move all notes from the unwanted notebook into another/ other notebooks and delete that notebook.  

Move the other notebook out of the stack and delete the stack (that might happen automatically).

Doublecheck the email address of your account.

Try a test email or three to see what happens.


If you're still getting anomalous behaviour,  consider uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote - NB backup your database file first.  https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24422932

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