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Attachment Appearing in the Note Preview window under Note List


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I have attached a PDF to a note. Now everytime I highlight a note, no matter which one, in the note list, the note appears in the note preview window as desired, but it always has the forementioned attachment at the top of the note, even though it is not attached to this particular note.  But if I open any note in a new window, the attachment does not appear which is the desired behaviour!  Please could anyone offer some advice on how I can fix this obvious bug.  Thanks.

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If you close and open EN does it go away?  I have noticed some lingering screen images from time to time with EN.  Also, sometimes the note body will separate into two parts, seems to be in notes with attachments.  Typically switching back and forth between views (Snippet - List - Snippet) clears it up, or the aforementioned recycle  of EN.  No idea how it happens (can't repeat it) so haven't created a support ticket.  FWIW.

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