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Note updating tracks

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Hello everyone,

I've no idea if that feature is already available in Evernote:


When I share a note and we work in group we have to write the name/data/hour of each contribution manually before to write or modify the content and even set a new font color to mark the contribution.


any wordprocessors allows to keep tracks of the different author / contribution automatically.

Does Evernote do that and I've no activate the feature?




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Hi.  What OS are you using - Mac / Windows / iOS / Android / Linux / etc... ?  And are all these contributors using the same Evernote account,  or are they sharing notebooks from separate accounts?

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Hi again - the details matter,  just to put things in context - and in this case specifically because sharing one notebook on the same account is,  as you obviously worked out,  a bad idea,  even if it was only shared between two or three colleagues.  As everyone has their own account and works on the shared notebook,  any changes should get through,  though I can't at this stage think of a way for you to get the author of each change.  There's nothing built into Evernote that could help here - you could consider setting up two columns in each note,  with the right column blank.  If anyone changes content they do so in the right-hand column and add their name and the time of the change by using a text expander like Phrase Express which can do that with one keystroke.


You will have seen the activity log (the satellite dish on the top menu bar) which lists activity,  though that won't give you much;  and there's an 'author' field in the note,  but that's a single entry for the whole note.


Your other option is to attach an MSWord file (or some other WP that supports document versioning) and get your colleagues to open that from the note and resave it with any changes.  Other than that I'm afraid Evernote may not be the software you've been looking for...

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Thanks a lot. 

No definitely all of them are not solutions which works. 
I'll continue to input data in the top of each contribution the change its color. 

That feature could be set by the Evernote team quite easily and without it I don't thing I'll never go on premium. 

I'd get if that feature was offered just to premium accounts but without it premium add very small value to users. 

Thank you.

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