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Beloved shortcuts no longer working

Adam @ Asheville


I'm not sure if it was an OS update or Evernote update, but I have lost access to my Evernote shortcuts. No matter what app I'm using, I use ctrl-cmd-f (find in evernote), ctrl-cmd-new (new note), and ctrl-cmd-v (paste into a new note) all the time. It has been a great convenience to perform these Evernote actions from outside Evernote, as part of my workflow. I believe there must be a conflict with the OS because ctrl-cmd-f now takes any window into full screen mode. Please help me restore these very useful shortcuts.


Mac OS 10.10.3

Evernote 6.0.8



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It is possible that the Mac OS X update made some changes, or some other app that you have installed.

I don't know if you can change the OS X shortcuts, but you can change the Evernote shortcuts.

Just goto Evernote > Preferences > Shortcuts.

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