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Evernote get uninstalled at startup



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This is a very strange issue that I have never heard of before.  My best guess, based on very limited information, is that the original install failed in some way.


So, one approach is to do a clean reinstall:

  1. Do a manual sync, and verify all Notes are in the EN Cloud using the EN Web client at Evernote.com
  2. If you have any Local Notebooks, export them to ENEX files.
    (You will import them after the below clean reinstall)
  3. Use a app uninstaller to eliminate everything related to Evernote on your Mac
  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Re-download Evernote Mac from Evernote.com and reinstall
  6. Start EN Mac, and allow it to run for at least several hours to ensure that all conversions and indexing are complete.

There are several Mac app uninstallers available, but you need to make sure it will search the Mac hidden directories/files.

AppDelete seems to be the most thorough that I have found.

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