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(Archived) Forward Email from Droid results in gibberish


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I can forward emails from my desktop outlook, to Evernote and works fine (love it!). But when I forward emails from my Motorola Droid phone via the corporate email (exchange) app, the resulting email in Evernote has some sort of computer language showing in the body, rather than the text of the email. The subject line comes in fine, but the body of the email itself is just computer language, except the first word in the body is "begin" and the last word is "end" Is this a problem that I can fix (if so, how), or a problem with the program? Thanks.

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Exchange may be encoding your email for internal use on an Exchange server by packaging up your attachments using their proprietary 'tnef' encoding (with a "winmail.dat") attachment. You could try making your corporate server send the email in standard "internet mail" format instead to see if that helps:



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Thanks. If exchange (rather than the droid app for corporate email) is the problem, that wouldn't explain why I can forward an email to evernote from my desktop outlook/exchange email? In other words, forwarding an email to Evernote works great for this exchange server when I'm sending it from my desk top, but forwarding to Evernote the same email from the Droid phone results in gibberish. If it helps, here is the complete first line of the email and the next snippet of text, as received by Evernote when forwarded from my droid phone.

begin 666 ATT00187.eml


Sorry I didn't mention the .eml reference...your response made me think about researching that more. I just found the unreadable .eml messages when forwarded from the Droid is a reported problem with the Droid email. Here's the url. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=4760

So, this indicates that the problem is Droid related (sending forwarded emails as .eml file attachements). Sounds like I will have to wait for a fix for the Droid, unless there is a way for Evernote to read the .eml file sent through the forwarded email. If you have any other thoughts, just let me know...Dennis

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