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Erroneous Tag Autocomplete in Notes?



Hello everyone,

I'm new here, but I'm an avid user of Evernote for GTD, and I have a few questions regarding the way that adding tags works on EN-Mac.

When I'm creating a new note, I have to be careful to not type too much when adding tags, lest I end up creating new tags in the process. One example is in the tags I have set up to remind me how much time I think that I task will take, with each of these tags beginning with a "t-". (I know this isn't canonical GTD, but it helps me decide which things are appropriate to do when.)


Unexpected behavior:

Far too often, I'll type "t-" in the tags bar, and end up with text that says: "t-05-"

Evernote seems to be thinking ahead of what I'm trying to do, but often makes me slip up in the middle of what should be an easy task: adding tags.

This happens as well with my "When" tags: Typing in "2-" autocompletes ahead to "2-Next-", when I'm intending to hit Enter once I can confirm that Evernote is "thinking" of the same tag that I am. It's frustrating to over-shoot the autocomplete, and I end up cleaning up my tags on a regular basis to remove erroneous errors like this one.

This is more problematic with the "Time" tags than others, as all of those tags start with "t-". Typing "t-" autocompletes through the first one in this section, even though I have about 5 tags dedicated to this scope: "t-05", "t-10", "t-30" and so on.

(see attached screenshots)

Expected behavior:

While it's nice to see suggested tags, I would expect Evernote to not COMMIT to a tag until I press Enter/Return.

for example, typing "t-" would still show me suggestions for all of my tags that start with "t-", but not fill it until I press "Return"

I'm willing to work with the system.

Like I said, I'm new to Evernote. If there's some unspoken workaround for the problems I've described, I'm happy to learn! All-in-all, I'd like to keep my hands attached to the keyboard as much as possible- I'm a shortcut junkie, and it's nice to be able to process a lot of things in Evernote while switching to my mouse as little as possible.

Again, many thanks!

- Andy



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