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New note disappears

Grandpa Guy

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Here's the situation. I'm hoping there's an error in my way of doing business. This has been bothering me for a long time. (Several months)


I have a couple of dozen notebooks, usually accessed from Windows 8 desktop in Chrome. To create a new note, I click the big + New Note button next to the search bar. Usually (50% of the time) the new note appears, complete with the appropriate notebook already selected. BUT, all too often the new note is nowhere to be found.


The assumption is that when creating a new note, it will just appear, and I can type a new title and content.


The new note isn't in the "All Notes" notebook, it's not in the "Trash" notebook, and it's doesn't show up in any other notebook (that last one is the correct behavior). I can close the browser, reopen it, log in to Evernote - and the new note is nowhere to be found. I can even do a quick check on my iPhone and the new note isn't visible anywhere. Some time later - like in an hour or the next day - all of the new (empty) notes show up in the correct notebook. 


Can someone point me in the right direction here? Is there a limit I'm hitting? Are there times I shouldn't create a new note? Should I reboot Windoze? 


Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the question. Here's the button I push, circled in red. Naturally it works fine now so there's no after picture. In the fail case, the screen shot looks exactly the same as this screen shot. The "Untitled" note shows up nicely when at the top of the list when it works. The list of notes doesn't change in the failure mode.



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Thanks for the clarification.  That's the 'classic' Evernote Web version,  which as far as I know works pretty reliably - as you're now finding.  (That's the Evernote gremlins having a laugh at your expense I guess).  If you have the option,  you might like to download and install the desktop version from Evernote.com.  It's got more features than the web version,  and you can see where all your notes are going...

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