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Managing newsletter subscriptions

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I subscribe to several newsletters in my Gmail account and I would like to move them over to my Evernote account.


I have moved one newsletter over so far by changing my email address to my Evernote email address. Is there a way that I can filter these newsletters to go into a specific notebook? I know I can use tags in the email Subject box to filter emails, but I don't know if it's possible to do this since the newsletter is generated by a third party.

Thank you.
Steve Cornelius

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Hi.  If you send your newsletters direct to Evernote I don't see any way to add the @notebook information to file them correctly - though EN does have 'smart filing' which,  if you move enough newsletters into the right notebook with that option activated,  might start sending them there.  The other options would be to have something like a Gmail account to receive the newsletters and set up a Gmail Filter (or an IFTTT script) to send them to the correct notebook.

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The subscriptions will go to your default notebook. Create a notebook for your subscriptions, then go in and make it the default notebook:) Worked perfectly for me. 

I wanted to do it but newsletters is only a minor part of my workflow..


Solved it now with the following:

The only thing ist that only the plain text of the email is stored..


What do you think?

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