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Feature request: Recognise Post-It note handwriting and set as title

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This would help with organising reminders, as in the list they simply appear with the location/date title. This is especially important as there is a setting to automatically make Post-It's reminders, but there is little time saved if you have to type a title for it to be recognisable in the reminders list!





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It's kind of a catch-22 here, related to the OCR process. I have no idea how Evernote would get around this one... simply because there is an OCR process subsequent to the creation of the note, which requires a sync to the Evernote servers first in order to recognize words in images (and a 2nd sync to allow your device to search the images already OCRed). IOW, how does Evernote title one's notes when there is no OCR to speak of initially? Does it substitute the location titles at a later stage if you've authorized it to do so? 


Whereas you and I would like to access these Post-It's in the Reminders List (since one can set a reminder), I think the whole idea centered around the ability to view the digitally optimized Post-It notes (preferably) in Card View... and the ability to set a reminder, I imagine, would have been more so to bring it to your attention by setting a date and time to receive a notification as opposed to organization and visualization within the Reminders List itself. I must say, it is a pity, though (apart from manually changing the note titles).

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