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Hi all,


New user to Evernote and had a quick query. I wanted to install it on my work computer as well as my phone and home computer. I was wondering if there was a way to have only certain notebooks visible/synced with my work computer.


Basically if someone walks up to my desk at work, I don't want them to be able to see personal items (find new job etc!) in my reminders or notes. Is this possible?



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To have the most control over what is displayed, a lot of people prefer to have two Evernote accounts, one for work, one for personal.  At work, install the EN Win app with your work account, and if you need access to your personal account, use the EN Web client.


At home do just the reverse.  However, you might want to share your Work Notebooks with your personal account so you can join them at home.

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Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a logical way forward. 


I suppose the only time this would be an issue would be when somebody was using a paid version of Evernote and didn't want to have to purchase two accounts.

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