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Created Date Change

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I am new to evernote but I am totally fed up having to change the "created" date back to the original "created" date.


Several times evernote has reclassified the created date of al 70 of my notes as "today".


I have lost the created date of all of my notes.


Is there some way of protecting the created date so it cannot be changed





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Sorry to ask this question... I don't know your level of experience with Evernote... but are you looking at "Date Created" or "Date Updated"? That's an interesting bug if it is happening as you say.

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As I said at the beginning of my post I am new to evernote

I think I read somewhere that if notes are imported they are re-created 


I have also used evernote with Memotoo which may also have resulted in re-created dates

Is there some way. Of protecting created dates


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I've never had a problem with Created Dates getting changed. I squeeze a lot out of Evernote with almost 25,000 notes and a lot of tinkering. 


Does your use of Memotoo pinpoint the problem? 


Are you perhaps copying a set of notes to a new notebook without preserving the Created Date (checkbox option)?


You mentioned importing notes... Have you exported and subsequently imported notes via the Evernote export feature (and ENEX file)? When you export notes, you should take a look at your Export Options, which includes preserving the Created Dates:





Only thing is I'm not sure whether you're actually talking about importing a note that you exported and deleted, or if you're simply talking about syncing from the Evernote servers. You'll have to be more specific about that. 

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Hi Frank


Happy Easter


I suspect that Memotoo is the problem


I have never exported any notes but I just read somewhere that when notes are "imported" the created date is changed. I suspect that 2 way syncing with memotoo changes the created date..


I would not have to use memotoo if there were versions of Evernote for BB 9360 and my field pc which has a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.


Evernote used to work on WM 6.5 but currently does not.(will not sync - cant log in)


I also note that you no longer support playbook (although it works on my PB)


I wish that Evernote was cross platform





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Hi John,

Happy Easter to you :-)

You mentioned, "I also note that you no longer support playbook..." Just to clarify... I'm not an Evernote employee :-) ... But, yes Playbook support was discontinued.

If I'm not mistaken, I think a new version of the Evernote WM client came out... You could look into that... If not, you should open a support ticket with Evernote support for the sync and login issues.

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