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How do I add photos to notes?

Bobbie Tate

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I have downloaded photos from my scanner, now how do I get the downloaded photos to Evernote?  I tried the 'move to' button where most of my photos are now.  I sent the first three to Evernote, but they didn't make it.  What's next?

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I don't recommend Evernote for storing your photo collection. There are better programs designed for photos.


But if it is just a few photos, the easiest and safest method is to:

  • Add (drag and drop) each photo you want from its current location directly into Evernote. Each new note will contain a single photo. 
  • Then select the notes (CTRL + Right click) and Merge them into on a single note.

Example of 3 photos in 3 notes being merged



Here is what the final result looks like - not pretty!



You can manually delete the separator bar between each photo.

You will have minimal control over the positioning of each photo.


After doing this a few times, you will quickly understand my first comment.

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Well, actually, it's photos of documents taken from my scanner.


The same process applies to any photos (people, places, documents)


But I wonder why you would scan documents into photos. Especially if the documents are more than a single page.


Instead, I would recommend you to scan your documents into PDF files. Evernote handles PDF documents far better.

Just drag and drop the PDF files directly into Evernote. They will be placed into your default notebook (1 pdf per note)


Another benefit to PDF format is that you can scan multiple pages and sides into a single PDF.


See #3 


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