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How to disable ctrl+z shortcut for Web Clip?

Neil Wang

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Hi All,


As we all know, ctrl+z is an global undo shortcut, but if I have installed evernote web clipper extension in chrome, this will make the same shortcut key to call evernote, so they will conflict each other even I disabled shortcuts in the options. 

How can I prevent this?




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We don't have ctrl+z as a default shortcut but you can always disable Web Clipper shortcuts on the Options page > Keyboard shortcuts tab. 

A link to the options page is bottom of the Web Clipper panel. 


The question is I can still use the ctrl+z shortcut even I disabled or changed on the options page :(

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I finally got this issue resolved.

The shortcut for the evernot extension was some how set to "ctrl+z", I disabled by clear the shortcut option. The shortcut option you can find in chrome://extensions/ page and scroll to the bottom and you'll see a Keyboard Shortcuts option. Click it, and you can clear the customized shortcut for evernote.

I presume this shortcut was set by early version of evernote extension cuz I never know chrome has this function till now, this is really annoying me for a quite long time. :blink:




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