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Evernote widget not available

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Hi , Hope you guys can help.


I don't seem to have access to the Evernote widget, only the short cut from the widgets menu

I have  ee kestrel  Android version 4.3 with 3,3 Gb free internal memory.


I have also tried downloading the the evernote widget from play store, but that still only gives me a shortcut access to evernote and not any options to access the other widgets.


Thank you for any assistance.



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My frustration is rather high at the moment. I'm new to Evernotes, LiveScribe, and Android 4.4.4 awaiting Lollipop, not really sure about any of them or all of them. I'm just asking for recommendations for learning to use all of these together logically, efficiently, and effectively across phone and Ubuntu and Windows 7 desktops. Any recommendations especially  specific google searches for video / learning would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue on my Galaxy S5 running 4.4.2.  I installed the Evernote Widget and it shows up in the app drawer but it is not available when I tried to add a widget to a home screen.  The only Evernote item that shows up is the Evernote Shortcut widget, which just launches the app at the point where the shortcut is configured to load, i.e, All Notes.

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